In any skincare routine no matter what your skin type or concern is it's important that your incorporating antioxidants into it, antioxidants help to defend the skin from free radicals and have a multitude of anti ageing benefits to maintain optimal skin health.

I have been trailing the HydroPeptide serum for a few weeks now and I'm enjoying adding an extra dose of antioxidants and peptides into my routine, the product contains six antioxidant laden stem cells that help protect the skin from free radicals which in turn will make the complexion brighter, when the skin looks brighter it automatically looks younger.

The serum contains ingredients that overtime in conjunction with sun protection will anti age the complexion, it contains ingredients to soothe the skin as well as rejuvenate it from within. It contains 5 peptides such as Voluminizing Peptides, CoQ10 Peptide and a Preservative Peptide for anti ageing benefits.

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