I think it's pretty safe to say that majority of us know what frank body scrub is? For those who don't know it's a coffee scrub which is jam packed with nutrients that makes your skin feel amazing, It's kinda funny I never clicked that they would launch a skincare line for your face but when they did I was really intrigued to see what they do.

I have to give the marketing guys credit as they have such an amazing job with the marketing of the brand, job well done! Now to the products, I have to say for a reasonably priced skincare line (You can buy the cleanser, scrub and moisturiser in a set for 49.95$) I am majorly impressed with the products, The ingredients are of the highest of quality and I'm already planning a re purchase.

Let's go through the lineup:

Creamy Face Cleanser:

First of all, it's grey! Which I thinks kind of amazing, it contains charcoal which means it's really good at drawing out impurities from your skin and it's hard to explain but I feel like I can actually see it working while I'm using it. I don't use it as a makeup remover but I love it as a second cleanse, it also contains marshmallow root and echinacea as well as coconut, grape and almond oils all the good stuff for your skin.

Creamy Face Scrub:

I know that there are a lot of people who use the original body scrub on their faces but for me its a bit harsh, so thankfully they created a much creamier version with similar ingredients to make for a much gentler exfoliation. It's quite a fine scrub that's really great to use a few times a week or I like using it before an event before a hydrating or brightening mask. It contains ground coffee beans, rose hip oil, white clay rose hip oil and the coconut, almond and grape seed oils.

Everyday Face Moisturiser:

Everyone needs a good moisturiser in their routine, this one is a creamy gel consistency that would be suited for all skin types and contains ingredients like green coffee, cocoa and shea butter, vitamin e and the coconut, almond and grape seed oils. To me it's a nice basic moisturiser that I put on when I can't decided what I want, moisturises nicely without leaving any greasy residue.

All in all I think that the products are fantastic and will definitely be a staple in my collection for years to come.

For more information on frank body Click Here.

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