Dynamic Duo.

Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Serum + Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield SPF50+.

Ultraceuticals are always at the forefront of skincare innovation, they are always looking for the latest it ingredient or technology to add into their lineup. A few weeks ago I was invited to their latest product launch event, It was actually quite exciting for me because normally I know whats launching before I get there but this time it was a complete surprise and I kept asking myself what have they come up with next? Whatever it was I knew it would be amazing.

Ultraceuticals prides themselves on their sun protection line so it's no surprise that they wanted to expand their already amazing line up with not one but two new products that will help to protect your skin from the sun and from environmental stresses.

Let's go through the new products...

Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex:
This is a serum that can be worn under your sunscreen to help protect your skin from daily pollutions and environmental stresses, it contains ingredients like...

Chaparral: Anti inflammatory properties.
Milk Thistle (Silymarin): An antioxidant that will reduce free radical damage.
Provitamin C & Vitamin E: Helps to neutralize photoageing.
Ferulic Acid: Prevents cell damage caused by ultraviolet light.
Caffeine: Destroys free radicals.

The serum itself has a velvety feel to it and works beautifully under makeup, I like using it daily in conjunction with sunscreen as it completely protects my skin from everything that the day brings.

Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield SPF50+:
A mineral based sunscreen that contains small grains that burst upon application and leave you with a natural skin tint, it contains Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E to protect against premature ageing and Vitamin B5 and Shea to add moisture.

I tend to like a fuller coverage base but for day to day wear I feel like this gives me enough coverage to comfortably wear it on it's own, it goes on white but then turns skin colour and just forms a nice even layer of coverage over the face whilst giving you your sun protection for the day.

All in all I think that these products work beautifully together and will help protect your skin from environmental aggressors and premature ageing.

For more information on Ultraceuticals Click Here.

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