Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector with SPF 14.

Regular readers of my site will know that I have suffered with dark circles for years, and yes I get enough sleep and drink enough water but they still manage to peek through, I know how rude.

Im ready and willing to try anything that claims to diminish dark circles and the other day I received the new Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector in the mail the other day I was pleasantly surprised. First of all it has an SPF of 14 which is great because when you think about it the skin around our eyes is the thing that shows the first signs of ageing so why wouldn't we protect it from the sun? It's also tinted which gives you an instant tint of colour and really does brighten the area, I obviously put concealer on top but you could just wear it on it's own, great if your like me and want abit of coverage to wear to go to the mailbox or when someone rings the doorbell.

Dark circles not only effect me but it also effects over 139 million people globally, this cream was created to instantly brighten the under eye area, reduce hyper pigmentation and contains sun protection to stop future darkening.

The main ingredient is one of my favourites Vitamin C  which contains discolouration correcting properties, helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles whilst brightening the skin instantly, leave the skin smoother and clarified. It also contains Caffeine which helps to tighten and revive the area and Titanium Dioxide which helps to block UV Rays.

Like I said earlier it contains Mineral Pigments which will instantly add a tint and brighten the under eye area.

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