Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum.

Ultraceuticals was one of those things where the name kept popping up everywhere, and when I was contacted to try some products for the blog I was more than overwhemled.

Thing I love about ultraceuticals is that is an australian company, and I believe its important too support local business. The second thing I love is that their serums come in three strengths so your skin naturally builds up to higher doses.

In the even skintone range they have even skintone mild, even skintone serum and then the even skintone concentrate, I recieved the middle serum and that’s what ill be reviewing today.

First things first, the consistency is amazing, two to three drops rubbed into palms evenly spreads over the whole face, you do feel a slight tingle when first using it but that goes away after a few uses. It contains lactic acid which gently exfoliates the skin, and salicylic acid to clean out those pores.

I personally noticed the difference the next morning, my skin was more even and I had less pigmentation. I also noticed I had less blemish marks. 

I must say though if you havent used cosmeceutical skincare before or have sensitive skin you might wanna start with the mild version and work your way up. Always use an spf of at least thirty everyday even when its raining or cloudy ontop of these type of serums, and for the guys out there I would wait at least an hour after shaving to apply it. 

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