Brand Focus: Red Earth.

Red Earth:

"Australian for beauty."

Red earth started in 1991 and for the past twenty five years has had tremendous international success, the company have decided to stay true to their roots and launch a new collection with an emphasis on Australian beauty.

Consumers are obsessed with using natural products nowadays and they have a reason too, anything you put onto your skin absorbs into your bloodstream so why wouldn't you want only the best ingredients for your skin? Red earth beauty products combine natural botanicals, organics and essential oils to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Skincare, my favourite topic.

A collection of 14 products that contain anti oxidants that help to defend against free radical damage.

I love a good cleansing oil, the aims is to remove makeup but also balance out the oil production in the skin, you apply it to dry hands and massage onto a dry face, even over makeup, then emulsify with warm water and rinse off. 

Cosmetics, and you know I love a flawless base.

"The foundation for effortless, natural beauty."

Primer helps your make up to glide on smoother, this one is a hydrating formula that doesn't have that silicone feel to it and it is quite refreshing to the touch, when you have a more hydrated base your makeup will always look better and last longer.

This product aims to prime the skin, hydrate, correct any uneven skin tone and protects the skin. It contains kakadu plum which is a native australian ingredient which has a high content of Vitamin C and regular readers of the blog will know how much I love Vitamin C. A good product to chuck on if your just going around to the shops or for days when you want a lighter coverage product.

A silky foundation with long wearing ingredients to help give you a radiant and long lasting base. 

Red Earth is available at Sephora Sydney, Emporium Melbourne.

To go to the Red Earth website Click Here.

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