The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range.

I think that tea has had abit of a comeback in the past few years, we all know that it contains a multitude of skincare benefits, green tea being the most popular for it's antioxidant complex, especially in Japan where the women their actually bathe in it, they say that it helps to refine pores and help with adding moisture.

The Body Shop has honed in on this technique and created a line of body products that are potent with Fuji Green Tea which contains a multitude of antioxidants and skin loving ingredients...

The line consists of:

Body Butter / 200ml / RRP $23.95

Body Sorbet / 200ml / RRP $19.95

Body Lotion / 250ml / RRP $16.95

Body Wash / 250ml / RRP $9.95

Eau de Cologne / 100ml / RRP $24.95

Bath Tea / 300g / RRP $24.95

Bath Infuser / RRP  / $8.95

Body Scrub 250ml / RRP / $29.95

Exfoliating Soap / 100g / RRP $6.95

My favourite products from the line:

Body Butter:
A really thick body moisturiser with a fresh smell of green tea.

Body Scrub:
Not like your standard scrub, very fine grains and kind of has a foam to it which is really lovely to use in the shower, leaves skin feeling fresh.

Eau De Cologne:
Contains the lines green tea fragrance, really fresh, perfect to lift you up in winter and remind yourself of summer.

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