The Natural Supply Co.

Photo: Kate Wheeler Photography

The natural supply co is a website that stocks some of the most popular natural brands on the market, the website was made up by friends Catherine Brooks and Celeste Robertson who saw a niche in the market for a market place that contained beauty, skincare and lifestyle products with meaningful information all in the one place.

The message of the website is to let people know that they can have beautiful products, that work without any of the nasty ingredients, while also looking good in your house / bathroom.

The thing that I love most about the website is that they don't just talk about the products they actually talk about the brands and their owners as well, which I always find really interesting and really helps me to connect with a brand.

They stock some of my favourite brands like:

Grown Alchemist
Bondi Wash
La Mav

For more information and a full brand list you can go to:


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