Brand Focus: Skin Juice.

As a beauty blogger I'm constantly seeing and hearing about new products and brands but I particularly love it when I personally come across a brand organically and get quite curious about the brand.

Skin Juice was one of those brands, it's an Australia owned and made skincare line which contains bio compatible ingredients to nourish the skin from the inside out, they tend to use a lot of fruit ingredients in the products to infuse nutrients, minerals and vitamins into the skin.

Skin Juice is food for the skin, they absorb into the skins intercellular systems to keep it healthy.

Here are some products I have tried:

1. Drench Dermal Repair Cleansing Oil:

I love using a cleansing oil to remove my makeup,  this one contains pure plat oils, yang yang, omega 7, macadamia oil and a coconut stabiliser. Even if you have oilier skin you still should use an oil as it will balance out the oil production and a cleansing oil is a good place to start incorporating oil into your routine.

2. Bio Juice Hydra Drink Tonic:

This goes into the toner step of a traditional skincare routine, I don't like to use a traditional toner with alcohol but rather a lotion that will add some sort of nutrients to my skin, This one contains pomegranate which as a really high anti oxidant complex and also aloe vera, sweet orange, bergamot, cranberry, roman camomile, palmarosa, vitamin e and allantoin for healing, and yes it does smell amazing.

3. Quench Elemental Defence Face Cream:

Suited for sensitive skin and works to soothe, hydrate and firm. It contains prickly pear which helps to calm down redness and roman camomile to soothe any inflammation.

4. Fused Skin Drops Night Oil Serum:

Your skin renews itself while it sleeps, but sometimes it needs abit of help. This oil/serum contains essential fatty acids and bilberries, cranberries, cloudberries and macadamia oils to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, and like I said above when you add an oil to the complexion it helps to balance out the oil production. It also helps to reduce inflammation, bonus.

5.  Revival Refining Face Scrub:

First of all can we talk about the smell? I don't know what it is about the smell of vanilla in beauty products but I just love it, moving on, this is a great exfoliator not to rough and doesn't tug at the skin, just glides over nicely and leaves you glowing and fresh. 

6. Juice C Vitamin C Skin Shot:

We all know how much I love Vitamin C, it really helps to brighten the skin and is a really good anti oxidant to add to your daily routine, it also has natural sun filters to protect your skin from environmental stresses. This product comes in the form of a powder which you mix into a water based serum, as it is water soluble it won't activate with an oil based one.

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