Brand Focus: Bioderma Hydrabio.

I first heard about Bioderma from overseas beauty bloggers, I remember seeing that pink and white bottle in almost every video, and I knew that it was something that I had to get my hands on.

The range finally made it to Australian shores and I finally got the chance to try it, and the product is truly amazing. For those who don't know what Bioderma is, it's a line of french pharmacy products that can be used on all skin types and is super super sensitive on the skin.

Their most famous products are their micellaire waters, a cleansing solution that contains oil suspended in a water solution that gets rid of every last trace of makeup, the idea is to place it on a cotton pad and then wipe over face and eyes to dissolve makeup.

They have a few different formulas for each skin type, today I'm going to talk about their range for dehydrated skin "Hydrabio"

Hydrabio H20:

A cleansing water that contains fatty acids and micelles that help to rebuild the skins hydrolipidic film. While it removes makeup it helps to leave the skin hydrated, without stripped. The product is fantastic for quick make up changes or for makeup mishaps, I know I have used mine in a few makeup emergencies.

Hydrabio Gommage Cream:

This is a mechanical exfoliant, but keeping strong to Bioderma's values is super sensitive on the skin with very fine grains. It has a quite refreshing smell to it and leaves your skin refined and hydrated.

Hydrabio Serum:

A lightweight serum that hydrates the skin, serum is normally thinner in consistency so therefor it absorbs into the skin more rapidly.

Hydrabio Légère & Hydrabio Riche:

A hydrating moisturiser that adds water to the skin and also helps with radiance, comes in a light version (légère) and a richer version (riche)

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