Q&A With Yelena Fairfax: Editor BEAUTYDIRECTORY.

For those of you who don't know BEAUTYDIRECTORY is a website full of resources for media, bloggers, pr and brands. It is chock full of information and also has an events diary where everyone can see what events are happening.

If you haven't signed up already you really should, I use it every single day and it has helped my blog become what it is today.

Here is my Q&A with lovely Yelena:

First of all cal you tell readers about what your role is on BEAUTYDIRECTORY?

I am the editor at BEAUTYDIRECTORY, which means I have a finger in a few different pies. As well as managing the content team, I write news and feature articles for the site, maintain the PR directory, attend launches and write post-event wrap-ups with all the nitty gritty details, and generally make sure the site is running smoothly - which means I’m often spotted running up and down the stairs between the IT department and my desk! 

As a nosy beauty blogger and because I know my readers would like to know, what’s in your makeup bag at work? 

Oooh, can I tell you, this is one of my favourite questions! I absolutely LOVE sharing my favourite products and seeing what other people include in their beauty regime. I have just emptied my make-up bag - and here is a list of the essentials I’m lugging around right now… 

CLINIQUE Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer 

M.A.C Dirty Blonde Impeccable Brow Pencil 

Benefit They’re Real Mascara 

YSL Touche Eclat 

Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Kohl 

Benefit High Beam 

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Blazing Red 

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush 

NP Set Contour Brush 

Can you give us a brief run-through of how you got to where you are today? 

I have always been very interested in lifestyle. I previously worked as the Lifestyle Writer and then Fashion Editor at OK! magazine. After six years of writing about fashion, I decided I wanted to explore other categories in the lifestyle writing sector. When I saw an ad for the Content Producer role at BEAUTYDIRECTORY, it sounded like the job description had been written specifically for me. It was everything I would want in a job, all rolled up into a pretty package! I got the job, and worked my way up to Senior Content Producer and now, Editor. 

What would you recommend bloggers do to gain access to the site? 

To gain access to BEAUTYDIRECTORY, we require bloggers to regularly write about beauty and health (as in, at least 30 per cent of their content) or have a beauty or health Instagram account with a solid following. We love discovering new beauty and health bloggers and definitely encourage all to sign up and check out the site! 

What are the benefits for bloggers to join BEAUTYDIRECTORY? 

BEAUTYDIRECTORY offers a ton of benefits for bloggers. First and foremost, being a member of BEAUTYDIRECTORY gives bloggers access to over 650 brands, including downloadable hi-res images and information for each and every product in that brand’s portfolio. In addition, we have PR and supplier information for every brand on the site. 

The site also offers comprehensive news and features on topics such as how to increase your blog’s profile or boost its readership numbers, as well as outlining industry news and introducing new brands, media and trends. On top of this, we profile blogs in our blogger directory, helping brands to get in contact with them in regards to events and coverage. 

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of being on the site? 

These days, everybody is time-poor. To have access to a site that provides everything you need at a click of the mouse is a very tempting offering. Want to write about red lipsticks? Just type in red lipstick in the search function on BD and not only will you get a list of all the red lipsticks on the site, but you’ll also be able to download hi-res images and pop them straight up on your blog. Our job is to make media’s job as easy as possible - and we are continually coming up with new innovations to do this. 

What impact do you think the site has on blogger’s careers? 

By having a listing in the blogger directory and being a part of the BD Expert Panel, you’ll put your blog in front of brands that may not have otherwise discovered you. This can lead to event invitations, brand partnerships and future affiliations. 

How do you juggle going to events and writing in the office? 

Juggle is a good word to describe it! We tend to get invitations well in advance, which means I know what my weekly calendar looks like before it gets underway. As a result, I plan my work around the events - giving each event approximately half a day in my schedule (which includes going to the launch and then writing the post-event write-up and loading the gallery). I like to have a plan (even if that plan goes out the window), so on a Monday I generally already know when my ‘desk time’ will be, and when I’ll be ‘out of office’. 

I believe that my readers would like to know more about how to “make it” in the industry, what would be your tips? 

1. When you feature a product, let the PR know as it will help develop good relationships - and you never know where this will lead! 

2. You might be an amazing wordsmith, but if your blog doesn’t have attractive pictures and a nice layout to accompany the words, they may never be read. Make sure your layout and images look chic and clean. 

3. If you get invited to an event, try your best to attend. Face-to-face meetings build a relationship more than any email or phone conversation ever will. 

4. Back up your blog with a strong commitment to social media. Instagram is a good tool for helping readers to discover your blog. 

Thank you to Yelena, Nat, Janet and the entire BEAUTYDIRECTORY team for all their ongoing support for the skincare obsessive. 

Thank you to Yelena for the Q&A. 


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