Q&A With NeoStrata’s Skin Expert Karen Varker.

What’s the biggest breakthrough ingredient in skincare as of 2014?

NeoGlucosamine is a major breakthrough ingredient in 2014. This powerful active ingredient is the first non-acid ingredient that delivers the same skin benefits as alpha hydroxy acid and can be tolerated by all skin types including sensitive. Coming from NeoStrata, the original creators & founders of AHA technology and glycolic acid peels, NeoGlucosamine, offers more women professional results at home without the concern that can be associated with highly active anti-aging products.

Even more exciting is that as well as exfoliating and stimulating cell renewal, NeoGlucosamine has been proven to reduce the signs of pigmentation and sun damage and plump and firm the skin, making it the ultimate multi-action ingredient to fight the visible signs of aging and sun damage.

NeoGlucosamine can be found in the NeoStrata Skin Active & Enlighten ranges.

What ingredient/product should everyone use no matter what skin type?

Poly hydroxy acids (PHA’s) are a great place to start for all skin types. PHAs exfoliate, stimulate skin cell renewal and intensively hydrate the skin. They normalise the skin’s renewal process, ungluing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal beautiful smooth, soft skin. They also provide antioxidant protection and bind moisture in the skin cells as well as being proven to help strengthen the protective skin barrier.

An ideal option for first time users to highly active anti-aging products or those with sensitive skin.

Can you give a brief description of what is best for each skin type? 
Normal, non sensitive skin with early aging concerns: Start with a PHA product to get your skin used to highly active ingredients, if tolerated, move to AHA based products. 
Sensitive & dry skin types: Choose PHA or Bionic PHA products that are gentle yet powerful and very hydrating to combat the signs of aging, dryness and sensitivity. Creams and serums are more effective than lotions to overcome dryness. 
Oily & combination skin types: Use a mix of PHA cleansers with AHA and mandelic acid toners and moisturisers to achieve gentle cleansing without stripping. These will clear out pores and clarify the skin. 

What is an easy routine for someone who wants a quick routine? 
Choose a simple cleanser that can be used twice daily. 
Follow up with a daytime moisturiser in the morning that has an SPF15 or more to protect the skin from UV damage through the day. 
At night time, use the same cleanser and follow with a hydrating night cream that will renew and restore the skin while you sleep. 
A simple no fuss regime followed daily, like the NeoStrata Restore range, is the way to achieve smooth and beautiful skin. 

What products should we save and splurge on? 
Splurge on: 

1. A good cleanser to keep your skin clear, free from impurities and prepare your skin for treatment. Make your good cleanser go further by removing your make up with cleansing wipes first.

2. A multi-action moisturiser that you can use morning and night to exfoliate, renew and hydrate your skin. 
Save on: 
Serums – if your skincare budget is restricted then swap serums for Rosehip oil, packed full of omega’s and antioxidants, it’s a great way to boost radiance and hydration in your regime without spending too much. 
Sunscreen – choose a really good moisturiser you can use day and night, then use a general facial sunscreen in the morning, rather than investing in a day moisturiser and night time moisturiser. 

What are your favourite products? 
We absolutely love: 
NeoStrata Facial Cleanser – a simple effective cleanser that cleans smooths and exfoliates all in one. Great for using in the shower. 
Enlighten Illuminating Serum – a fantastic radiance & hydration boost for dull, dehydrated skin. 
NeoStrata Renewal Cream with Pro-retinol: this Bionic PHA with pro-retinol is the perfect night cream for normal and oily skins. Intensively hydrating, smoothing and restoring you will wake up with soft, smooth skin. For sensitive skin replace with NeoStrata Bionic Face Cream. 

Thank you to Karen from NeoStrata for providing the answers and for tomorrow land group for setting up the interview.


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