La Mav Cleansing Oils.

I think that in the skincare world there is this common misconception that oil for the skin makes the skin greasy and therefor more oily, but the truth is that the skin produces oil because a lack of oil in the skin, making it compensate by producing more oil.

When you add an oil to the skin it balances out the oil production and helps bring the complexion back to it's regular state. I know that if your someone like me who has quite oily skin the thought of putting an oil on your face can be quite daunting but a really good way to incorporate oil into your routine is through cleansing.

             La Mav have a fantastic range of cleaning oils for each skin type:

Jojoba / Hempseed Oil for Oily Skin
Sweet Almond / Tamanu Oil for Dy / Mature Skin

Oil cleansers are best applied with dry hands onto a dry face massaged in and then rinsed off with warm water, or a face cloth. I like to use an oil as a first cleanse at night to remove makeup then follow with a milk or gel cleanser to remove any leftover oil.

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