Kerstin Florian At Home Professional Peel.

Let’s be frank, I love a good peel. And as much as people are frightened by the word it can be super beneficial for your skin.

The at home peel from kerstin florian comes in the form of a multi acid, botanical peel pad which would replace the traditional toner step in your routine and give your skin a nice clean.

It contains a multitude of different acids like glycolic (anti ageing) salicylic (pore cleaning) and lactic (exfoliating) 

I would double cleanse, swipe one side of the pad all over my face and neck avoiding eyes, then turn over and swipe again.

As Caroline Hirons says acid toners sting, stinging is ok it’s when a product starts to burn that it’s not ok. I felt a slight tingle which I actually like as a skincare addict then I just used a floral spray to neutralize the acids.

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