JBronze is a faux tanning line made by Australian model Jennifer Hawkins and contains something for everyone, full of only the highest quality ingredients and always leaves you looking glowing and bronzed.

The line consists of moisturisers, illuminators, sprays and mousses but today I am going to talk about the shimmer, face tan and the wash of bronzing gel.

Face Flawless Tan: A light liquid that leaves you with a bronze glow, I would apply it before bed instead of a night cream. It contains ingredients like caramel for the colour, shea butter and coconut oil to moisturise.

Shimmer Instant Illuminator: Love this product, you can apply to your arms, legs, collarbones where ever you want to glow you put it, it leaves you with a hint of a bronze glow and a nice shimmer which you can just wash off. It contains caramel to give you a natural bronze colour.

Instant Tanning Cream: A bronzing gel that you can apply directly to your skin or mix in with a moisturiser, stays on but then rinses off with water. Contains Vitamins A,C & E to keep skin nourished and glowing.

For more information on JBronze you can go to http://www.jbronze.com.au

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