Foreo Luna For Men.

Luna For Men is a vibrating cleansing device which can be used everyday in conjunction with your cleanser but is best used right before shaving, you wet your face and massage your cleanser into your skin then turn the device on and massage it all over your face, it’s fantastic for lymphatic drainage and aims to condition the skin allowing for a smoother shave. It channels up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations across your complexion through its silicone based touch points and aims to get rid of impurities while still protecting your skins natural moisture barrier, it also helps with razor burns or any other form of irritation that normally comes along with shaving.
It can be used with any cleanser, preferably a gel or foaming cleanser as apposed to an oil based cleanser and can be kept in the shower or by the sink as it is completley waterproof and only takes one minute to deeply cleanse the skin. It comes with a charger and can last up to 450 uses with only one charge.
I notcied a difference in my skin from the first use, and continue to do so, I almost feel like as im using it my skin has a nice glow to it, and it defintley makes shaving alot easier.
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