Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum.


I have loved dermalogica for a very long time, it’s a cosmeceutical line with good quality ingredients that you can buy from department stores at a great price. And it has been formulated by dermatoligists and has years of researching to back it up.

I know what your probably all thinking, how can someone who uses so many skincare products and knows so much about them ever have flare ups, well the truth is anyone can and one day I did. I never used anything different in my routine but for some reason, my skin freaked out one day and broke out and went red, I didnt even weae foundation to work that day, i know shock horror.

So I went to my local dermalogica counter and asked for there advice, they recommended the ultra calming serum and im glad they did. I knew dermalogica products worked, but this one really worked. I put it on under my night cream and by the next morning I honestly forgot I used it but my skin looked amazing, all the redness had vanished and I had less blemishes, also I believe the soothing lavender smell helped me sleep.

This product will remain in my skincare kit forever now, even if I don’t use it everyday, it’s nice to know its there if I need it. It can also be used after peels or any type of facial.

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