UltraMd Ultimate Eye Cream.

I just want to start this post off by saying that I have suffered with dark circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember, and the unfortunate thing is its genetics.

After years and years of trying eye creams, serums, balms etc I have finally found the one. And I have to give a big shoutout to yasmin at neo skin clinic for recommending this eye cream to me because gurl, im in love.

The eye cream in question is the ultimate eye cream for ultra md, ultra md is the doctors only line for ultraceuticals, meaning you cannot buy it in a chemist or department store, but it must be recommended by a trained beauty therapist or beauty nurse.

It had me at retinol, it contains ultra md’s exclusive ultra-reti complex which helps the retinol to stay stabilised whilst still being delivered to the skin. It also containts liqourice extract for brightening and shea butter for hydration.

On the back it says only to be used once a day, and the best time to use it is at night so that the retinol isnt exposed to any uv light, which in turn can break down the retinol and cause long term damage. Mornings after using it I also put my ultraceuticals spf 30 around my eyes, or the ultraceuticals cc cream to make sure my under eye area is protected.

Well worth it if you are in love with eye creams, and retinol for that matter as much as I am.

Thanks again to the team at neo skin for introducing me to the range and for all their ongoing support.
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