The Moisturiser.

My skin fairies kaye and lisa from the clinic in Bondi Junction have created “The Moisturiser” which is a super charged cosmeceutical skincare

product which contains a multitude of skincare ingredients without any nasties. 

The packaging is something that I believe all brands should have, an elegant black and white container with an airless pump for hygiene reasons, also good to control the amount your using, one pump should cover your face and neck.

The texture is superlight, almost like a souffle and sits beautifuly under makeup, it doesn’t contain a sunscreen which gives you the option of using it day or night. In the morning I would do a double cleanse, acid tone, serum then “the moisturiser” and the obviously you should use an spf of at least thirty ontop, and then at night I would put it on after serum. It’s really nice to mix foundation with it aswell, to create your own tinted moisturiser.

As a beauty blogger and beauty addict im constantly trying new products and sometimes I think im immune to skincare products, I keep on hearing people say my skin felt soothed and nourished after using this product, and I never felt that until using “the moisturiser” as soon as I apply it my skin feels soothed and almost de-sensitized.

“The moisturiser” release coincides with the clinics fifteenth year, and celebrates the twenty years of exprience with skincare that kaye and lisa have learnt over the years.

“Your skin will benefit from using this product from day one, and im so excited for people to see the results, we believe it’s the ultimate in skincare.” -Kaye Scott

The products main ingredients:

Peptides: Helps to build collagen and soothe wrinkles and fine lines. Peptides are cell communicators, they go in and tell your skin what it needs. 

Sea Buckthorn: Ultra soothing and anti redness, calms blemishes and sensitive skin. Great to use before and after treatments. 

Plant Stem Cells: Malus Domestica Fruitl Cell Culture helps skin to delay the ageing process and Angania Spinosa Sprout Cell helps to regenerate the skin.

Kaye and Lisa and the team at the clinic are big supporters of the skincare obsessive, I would like to thank them for all their support and congratulate them on the launch of the moisturiser. 

The Moisturiser RRP 80.00$ is available instore, lvl 22/520 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction and online from the 3rd of september follow the guys on instagram @theclinicau 

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