Sunsense After Sun Cooling Creme Gel.

I know it’s abit cliche to talk about the weather, but let’s be honest it has been getting quite warm lately and I know that we all use our SPF everyday, or should be if your not, but sometimes you get home from a long day and your skin can feel quite warm and irritated from the suns harmful rays.

That’s when an after sun cream can become your best friend and this one from Sun Sense is beautiful, it comes out in a light weight pink tinged lotion that is instantly absorbed and makes your skin feel soothed and nourished in a second.

It contains anti oxidants like grapeseed, polyphenols and vitamin c making it the perfect companion for any skincare lover braving the summer season.

I would keep mine in the fridge to make it nice and cold to soothe any sunburn or irritation I may have gotten throughout the day.

All Sun Sense products are made in australia and for more information you can go to

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