Skin Condition: Eczema.

Here at the skincare obsessive we have a passion for skin health, we also want to educate people on different skin concerns and how to treat them. I will say as a disclaimer that this is just what I would do, and this is the information that I have gained over the years, if you have a major skin issue then you should see your doctor and or a dermatoligist.

Today we are going to talk about Eczema, Eczema shows itself in the form of red and inflamed skin which can make you feel less confident and damage your self esteem, we don’t want that. People with allergies or who suffer from hayfever, and have a family history of it are the ones who suffer from it the most.

You must wear sunscreen as the suns heat can make it flare up even more, and stay away from spicy foods. The best products to use are soothing products that contain aloe vera or oat kernel, but the product I would go for is The Jojoba Company’s 100% natural Jojoba Oil, it’s a natural product and works hard at repairing problem skin.

1 in 3 Australians suffer from Eczema, I tend to get it on and around my hands the most, So it’s good to know that there is an Australian brand like The Jojoba Company that has a product to help soothe the problem.

I would use the product as a spot treatment wherever I needed it, and I would use an spf ontop to protect my skin from the harsh australian sun. Becareful not to use harsh scrubs, or stripping body washes.

For stockits you can call (02) 9651 3030 or visit their website

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