QV Cleanser.

For those of you who know me well, you know there is nothing I like more than high tech skincare, retinol, glycolic acid, vitamin a my skin can take it all but I will admit that my skin can sometimes get irritated with all the products I use so sometimes it is good to strip your routine right down for a couple of days to give your skin a break.

I tend to follow caroline hirons philosophy on cleansing, use a cheaper cleanser to remove your makeup and then a more effective cleanser to actually cleanse your skin, QV cleanser is a natural cleanser that removes impurities and any dirt or oil in your skin without stripping it. It’s safe to use around your eyes aswell as on the body.

QV Cleanser and other products in the line are especially formulated for sensitive skin, and can be used on all members of the family. 

QV skincare is available at chemist warehouse and priceline stores for stockists and more information you can go to http://www.qvskincare.com.au

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