People For Plants.

People For Plants is an Australian certified organic skincare brand that is cruelty free and uses only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients.

The range came about because of the founders on skin conditions and aims to soothe even the most sensitive skin.

I tend to favour science over nature but I am going to have to eat my words and say that this is a beautiful line.

The packaging is very minimal and chic, and the textures are divine. I especially love the foam cleanser for removing makeup and it has a nice uplifting grapefruit aroma, I love the scrub because it hasnt got those harsh beads that can tear the skin, but has enough grit to effectively exfoliate the skin.

They have a face oil which is beautiful in winter under a moisturiser, and a fabulous hydrating gel for the summer time.

All in all I think it’s a beautiful organic affordable line available at priceline and david jones stores and for more information you can go to

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