Rationale Morning Routine.

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Rationale is a high end australian cosmeceutical line created by formulation chemist richard parker. The line was created because of the skin concerns richard had as a child, so he did his research and studies and became a qualified chemist. The range began when a dermatologist approached richard to create a skincare line, and that line today is the number on dermatology based skincare line.

The lines main principle relies on the essential six, which consists of three products in the morning, two serums and a spf day cream, and three at night a cleanser, serum and vitamin a based night cream.

In this review im going to talk about the morning routine.

Let me start with the serums:

IMMUNOLOGIST NIACINAMIDE SERUM: Main goal is to promote clarity and boost the skins immune system.

SUPER ANTIOXIDANT ACE REJUVENATING SERUM: This serum contains high doses of A,C,&E and aims to firm the skin while adding luminosity, always good to be using spf products with vitamin based serums so that leads me to the final step: 

PHOTODYNAMIC LIGHT ACTIVATED DAY CREAM SPF15: Contains spf 15 so great to use ontop of your serums, aswell as vitamin d and light reflecting qualities. Perfect to use in the mornings.

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